Antenatal classes

As we have many pregnant patients from countries all over the world we offer antenatal classes in English.

Birth preparations 2 x 60 min. Maximum 8-10 people.

It’s natural to prepare for your birth – especially, if you live in a foreign country.

Giving birth in Denmark, is in many ways just like giving birth in any other country. But at the same time, the Danish birth culture is not a true copy of the way births are handled in a lot of other countries.

While your body works the same way, a lot of the system surrounding you may be different from what you know from back home.

Therefore, we would like to guide you through the stages of birth, as well as the Danish health care system. It will help you become truly prepared for your birth here in Denmark.

The midwifes in the clinic will guide you and your partner through:

  • The physical process of birth: The different stages, when to go to the hospital, what to do while still at home, etc.
  • How do you optimize the birth: Mental and physical tricks to ease the birth process and the pain
  • All the drugs: What types of pain-relief excist. The pharmacological as well as the natural possibilities.
  • Interventions: When things do not go according to plan, induction, cesarian, ventouse – what is all this?
  • What role does the partner have, and how do you become a strong team.
  • Life with a baby: How do you know your baby is thrieving

During all this, we will answer your specific questions, so you will feel prepared to welcome your baby.