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Important info: Regarding registrations of vaccines given abroad

We are a modern GP in central Copenhagen. We place great emphasis on high accessibility for patients e.g. with a “same day appointment”, a high level of professionalism, and an informal culture with a good atmosphere among patients and staff.

On our website you can find latest news and all relevant information about our opening hours, phone hours, how to make an appointment and lots more. Use the menu above to navigate the site. Enjoy!

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We offer same day appointment

So you can visit the doctor when you need to. Contact us by phone between 8:00 and 10:00

Latest news

We regularly publish relevant news for patients - stay tuned under the menu item "News" or on our Facebook page

ByLægerne på Amagertorv Jul 5, 2021

Video consultations

The clinic is open for video consultations every day between 9:00 and 10:00. Video consultations are offered via the "Min Læge" app which ...

ByLægerne på Amagertorv Jun 14, 2021

Regarding facemasks and restrictions

Dear Patients It is still necessary to wear a facemask in the clinic. If you are in doubt, please call us and ask. We look forward...

ByLægerne på Amagertorv Jun 10, 2021

New Doctor

Dear Patients, In connection with our GP, Julie Galsgaard, leaving us, a letter from the Region has been sent out to all our patients whic...

ByLægerne på Amagertorv May 31, 2021

Telephone consultation

At the beginning of the Covid-pandemic, the Regional Health Authorities gave permission for longer telephone consultations in Gener...

ByLægerne på Amagertorv May 7, 2021

Regarding registrations of vaccines given abroad

Dear patients,  If there is a need for registration of vaccines given abroad, please contact the clinic by phone. We will try to help...

ByLægerne på Amagertorv Mar 11, 2021

COVID-19 vaccine from AstraZeneca is put on hold

Dear patients. Vaccination with the COVID-19 vaccine from AstraZeneca is put on hold until further notice. Please refer to this page from...

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Dear patients.

The clinic is open for video consultations every day between 9:00 and 10:00 via the "Min Læge" app.

Please refer to this page to read more.

NB: The app and instructions are in Danish only.

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