About referrals

In some circumstances you may need to be referred to a specialist for further treatment or more extensive tests. We value the important work of our allied health professionals and where appropriate we will refer you to various practitioners including physiotherapists, psychologists, etc.

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Referral to a specialist in general

Security group 1:
The region provides free treatment by a general practitioner to persons covered by security group 1 when the treatment takes place after a referral from the general practitioner. Referral takes place after personal attendance here in the clinic where the problem is highlighted and referral is made.

Security group 2:
For persons covered by insurance group 2, a subsidy is granted to a general practitioner in the same amount as is paid for similar medical care for persons in insurance group 1. No referral is required, but part of the fee is paid by the patient himself.

Especially about X-ray examinations

Please note that in relation to X-ray examinations, there must be a referral for all patients, including patients covered by safety group 2, in order for the radiologist to assess the justification of the X-ray examination in relation to the radiation risk.

Referral criteria

It is the general practitioner who assesses whether you need to be referred to a specialist.
The doctor prepares a referral, which the specialist then picks up electronically in connection with you booking an appointment with the specialist.
Note that ophthalmologists and – ear, nose and throat doctors are exempt from this. You can therefore contact these specialists directly without a referral.

Special treatments

The Capital Region of Denmark has entered into a number of local agreements with individuals or groups of general practitioners to perform special treatments. Special treatments can be, for example, sterilization.

Suggestions for specialists

We refer to Sundhed.dk and the “Find behandler” app