Addictive drugs

Addictive drugs

The Danish Health and Medicines Authority has made it quite important that the renewal of addictive medicines can ONLY take place through a consultation. Thus, we cannot renew sleeping medications, medications for ADHD, sedatives and strong painkillers (morphine products, including tramadol and codeine) over neither phone nor via website.

If some of these preparations are on your medical list, we recommend that a consultation be booked in the clinic so that a plan can be laid for the treatment and medication discharge and agree the next attendance time in the clinic.

Chronic disease

If you get medication for chronic disease including diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, asthma, COPD, mental illness we will see you at least once a year and depending on the agreement the medication should be renewed until the next consultation. If not, the medicine cannot be ordered by phone or self-service.

If you have an on-going treatment with a specialist or an outpatient clinic, they are the ones responsible for renewing your medicine.