Breastfeeding classes

2 x 60 min. Maximum 8-10 persons

What to expect from breastfeeding classes

Expect a small class of about six-eight women and partneres. You will learn about different breastfeeding positions and the course also include powerpoints and some ‘practice’ on a doll.

Your class covers:

  • First Lach
  • Breastfeeding positions and how to get your baby to latch on
  • Basic guide to how breastfeeding works
  • Best ways to establish a good milk supply
  • How to know if your baby is getting enough milk
  • What to do if any complications or problems come
  • Pain when breastfeeding
  • Mastitis – What to do?

Week 6 (Feb 8 - Feb 10):

Dear patients. We have reduced staff this week due to illness, so we have limited time slots available and you might experience longer wait times on the phone. We will be prioritizing acute illness.

We appreciate your understanding.

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