Appointments by phone every day 8:00-9:00 AM

We want to ensure that our resources are used in the most efficient way and ensure we have a clinic with the time and space needed to look after patients, who need our help the most at the given time, while also ensuring that we during opening hours from 08-16 are able to see patients with acute illness in our clinic.

Appointments are therefore handled by phone every morning where we strive to be are as many as possible ready to answer the phone.

Based on a professional visitation over the phone (we ask about symptoms, duration, what remedies has already been tried etc.), we will assess if the consultation is best done over the phone, by video or in our clinic. We may also assess that you are to be seen by our medical staff. This may be an independent consultation or a required pre-consultation, for instance a blood test, before you see a doctor.

We may also assess that there is no need for a consultation the same day. Should your illness however get worse, we expect you to call us again. Exactly as you would do if your illness got worse after seeing us in person.

Overview of how to make an appointment:

Other inquiries by phone 10:00-11:00 AM

During this time it is possible to renew subscriptions, book appointments for blood samples, with midwives or with nurses – or to get answers to any other questions.

Acute illness which has occured after 9:00 AM will also be handled and will be subject to professional visitation.