New User

The first time you visit the e-portal, you must be registered as a user.

User creation is done by clicking on “Create me as a user” under the text to the right of the cpr number box or by clicking on the box at the bottom of the page.

During the user creation you have to fill in a number of information about yourself, it is important that you fill in the e-mail field with a valid e-mail address, as we use this e-mail address to send an activation link and later to let you know when there are answers to the e-portal from your doctor.

When you have filled in the user creation form, and have clicked on “create me”, you will shortly receive an email from “”. The email is sent to the email address you provided when you registered as a user.

Click on the activation link in the email – a new window will now open and you will be able to see here that your user has been successfully activated.
You can now log in to the e-portal with your username (CPR number) and your PASSWORD (the one you just created when you registered as a user)

When you use the e-portal for the first time, you are only entitled to a limited part of the portal, you can get additional rights by contacting your doctor. As a starting point, you always have the right to send messages to your doctor, renew prescriptions and general inquiries.