Vaccinations at Lægerne på Amagertorv

We offer vaccinations against Flu and COVID-19 to all patients in our clinic.

We vaccinate daily between 13:00 and 16:00

For COVID-19 the following rules applies:

  • 3rd jab: It has to be 5½ months since the patient received 2nd jab (only 4½ months for patients 18 years or older) – also without invitation in e-boks.
  • 2nd jab: It has to be at least 3 weeks since the patient received 1st jab
  • 1st jab: Open for all, incl. children 5-11 years of age with and without invitation in e-boks

We are only vaccinating with Pfizer. If you have been vaccinated with Moderna you will have to book through a vaccine center.

All patients are welcome, also patients not associated with Lægerne på Amagertorv. Patients aged 5-18 must be accompanied by an adult and written consent from the parent/custodian must be present.

Please contact the clinic by phone on 73709040 or on our vaccine phone 30635849 to book an appointment for a vaccination.

We kindly refer to the Danish Health Authority for Q&A about the vaccine: