Video consultations

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Video consultations

The clinic is open for video consultations every day between 9:00 and 10:00.

Video consultations are offered via the “Min Læge” app which can be downloaded via App Store (iPhones) or Google Play (Android). Follow these instructions for using the app.

NB: The app and instructions are in Danish only.

There are cases where consultations over video are not suitable. In these situations we will we make an agreement for another consultation in the clinic.

We strive to see everyone, but waiting time is to be expected (number in the queue is displayed in the app).

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Monday 3/10:

Dear patients. We are vaccinating against covid-19 this week. Longer response times on the phone and fewer timeslots for consultations is to be expected the entire week (week 40).

We appreciate your understanding.

Lægerne på Amagertorv