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Video consultations

The clinic is open for video consultations every day between 9:00 and 10:00.

Video consultations are offered via the “Min Læge” app which can be downloaded via App Store (iPhones) or Google Play (Android). Follow these instructions for using the app.

NB: The app and instructions are in Danish only.

There are cases where consultations over video are not suitable. In these situations we will we make an agreement for another consultation in the clinic.

We strive to see everyone, but waiting time is to be expected (number in the queue is displayed in the app).

Best regards

Lægerne på Amagertorv

ByLægerne på Amagertorv

Regarding facemasks and restrictions

Dear Patients

It is still necessary to wear a facemask in the clinic.

If you are in doubt, please call us and ask.

We look forward to seeing you.

Lægerne på Amagertorv

ByLægerne på Amagertorv

New Doctor

Dear Patients,

In connection with our GP, Julie Galsgaard, leaving us, a letter from the Region has been sent out to all our patients which has caused confusion for some. Julie leaving is part of the natural and expected turnover in staff driven by our temporary GPs wanting to establish their own clinics at some point.

The clinic is still owned and operated by GP Pia Boman and GP Puk Laugen.

Most recently, we have the pleasure of welcoming GP Samir Mansour as of May 1, 2021.

In addition, we have hired a nurse, Tina Stær, who started on 1 May 2021.

We look forward to continuing to welcome you to our clinic at Amagertorv – and we have opened up for the intake of new patients.

ByLægerne på Amagertorv

Telephone consultation

At the beginning of the Covid-pandemic, the Regional Health Authorities gave permission for longer telephone consultations in General Practice, to avoid the spread of infection. 

This permit ends on the  1st June 2021, because the Regional Health Authorities deem the pandemic as being more stable.  

We are therefore now fully open for consultations in person and telephone consultations will no longer be available. 

ByLægerne på Amagertorv

Regarding registrations of vaccines given abroad

Dear patients, 

If there is a need for registration of vaccines given abroad, please contact the clinic by phone. We will try to help you as best we can and the following must be assessed:

  • Have your vaccination card with batch number, vaccine name and vaccination date ready.
  • Only the following vaccines can be registered: Pfizer/BioNTech, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, and AstraZeneca. 
  • Patients are welcome to register their own vaccines on, followed by a phoneconsultation where the vaccines can be validated, assuming everything is in order.  
  • The process thereafter, i.e. how the vaccine shows up in and in the corona passport is not a process we can influence (nor is is within our area of jurisdiction). 

Best regards Lægerne på Amagertorv

ByLægerne på Amagertorv

COVID-19 vaccine from AstraZeneca is put on hold

Dear patients. Vaccination with the COVID-19 vaccine from AstraZeneca is put on hold until further notice.

Please refer to this page from the Danish Health Authority:

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Tips from paediatricians

On below page the paediatricians from Region H have put together a series of small videos with tips on what to do when children are sick.

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Copenhagen Light Festival

Klostergården is currently the stage for a work of art as part of the Copenhagen Light Festival. The installation is called Solaris, it is made by artist Camilla Brix and consists of 12 drum cymbals. It is turned on every day at 17:00 and is accompanied by music. You can read more at

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Dear patients,

Did you know that you can write to our amazing secretary Anne Ørting via Self-service?

Anne can assist with:

  • Renewal of prescriptions
  • Questions around practicalities about the clinic
  • Appointments about blood testing and ECG
  • Appointments with midwifes

Read more about self-service on this page

ByLægerne på Amagertorv

Regarding Covid-19 Vaccinations

Dear Patients  

Please read below regarding covid-19 vaccinations.  

We are not able to change the current order of the vaccinations, we encourage you to await further notice sent to your e-boks. 

Keep an eye on the news regarding the vaccination here or at the Danish Health Authoritys webpage:

Vaccination against COVID-19 – Danish Health Authority ( 

Dear patients.

The clinic is open for video consultations every day between 9:00 and 10:00 via the "Min Læge" app.

Please refer to this page to read more.

NB: The app and instructions are in Danish only.

Best regards

Lægerne på Amagertorv