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ByLægerne på Amagertorv

New structure from Dec 1

Dear Patients

Due to the COVID-19 situation and the high pressure on the healthcare system in general, including the General Practices, we have decided to implement a new way of working in our clinic.

We want to ensure that our resources are used in the most efficient way and ensure that the most acute cases with the most urgent need for care are able to have their health and condition assessed in our clinic the same day.

To do so, we want to optimize our phone visitations (asking about symptoms, duration, what remedies has already been tried etc.) and hereby direct you to the appropriate consultation by a doctor, our medical staff or advice and guidance by phone.

Our intention is to create a clinic with the time and space needed to look after patients, who need our help the most at the given time, while also ensuring that we during opening hours from 08-16 are able to see patients with acute illness in our clinic.

We have since our clinic opened used the system “Appointment the same day”. This system will continue, but using the new framework described above. This means, that we will book an in-clinic appointment the same day as your call, should we assess the need.

Based on a professional visitation, we will assess if the consultation will be done by the phone, video or in our clinic. We may also assess that you are to be seen by our medical staff. This may be an independent consultation or a required pre-consultation, for instance a blood test, before you see a doctor.

We may also assess that there is no need for a consultation the same day. Should your illness however get worse, we expect you to call us again. Exactly as you would do if your illness got worse after seeing us in person.

New initiatives in force from 01/12/2021:

  • “Same day appointment” between 8-9 – this hour is exclusively for booking an appointment the same day. Many in the clinic will be by the phone ready to assist you.
  • Other inquiries will be between 10-11 – In this hour you can book appointments with midwifes or nurses. You can book an appointment for a blood test, vaccination, smear, etc.
  • There will be a fixed amount of “same day appointments”. On busy days these may be booked, and you will be asked to call again another day.
  • Acute and severe illness will always be prioritized.
  • Video consultations will be decided by the staff. Meaning that after talking with us by the phone you will be given a time for when the video consultation will find place. This way we are trying to minimize the waiting time.
  • The visited video consultations are between 9.45-11 and on individual agreed times.
  • Renewal of daily used medicine can take place through the app “Medicinkortet”. This does NOT include medicine that can be addictive.
  • It will not be necessary to book an appointment to get tested for chlamydia and gonorrhea (without symptoms). You just need to show up in the clinic and we will provide you with a self-test-kit. If you have symptoms, you need to book an appointment.

Flowchart of how to contact the clinic by phone:

We are updating the website to reflect these changes step by step towards Dec 1.

Best regards

Lægerne på Amgertorv

ByLægerne på Amagertorv

Changes in staff

Dear patients

As our 2 skilled specialist temp GPs have bought a clinic together, there will be changes in the group of doctors per 1/12.

Specialist GP Louise Jansen stops on 31/11 and Thomas Barsøe on 31/12. They open the clinic Lægerne ved Torvehallerne on 1 February 2022 – located at Nørre Farigmagsgade 54.

We’ll miss them both.

Due to these changes you will receive a letter in eBoks. This means that you can change doctors for free.

However, it is important to emphasize that Lægerne på Amagertorv continue unchanged. Above doctors have been replaced by Samir Mansour, Karoline Lindby and Poya Aram.

Kind regards

Lægerne på Amagertorv